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The Speaker

    Today they called an asembly. A man from the original freedom writers came to speak to us. It was just another asembly, I shuffled in with the rest of the blank expresions. I didnt have anyone to sit with so i sat alone. I sat back and watched the unfamiler faces laugh and goof off. People waving their friends over to sit with them. The auditorium was filling as the school filed in. Eventually people came and sat by me but they didnt speak to me, they just ignored me. That was fine I didnt know them anyway.
    He came on stage, he was singing. He sang about how if he stopped and helped everyone he could then his life would not be in vain. It was unconventional but still expected. Some people laughed and some sat silently...i guess neither was better than the other.
   I have not seen the movie, but in the preveiw it shows a scean were the teacher draws a line with tape through the middle of the class room. She asks that if anyone has lost a loved one to gang violence step up to the line. Everyone does. She starts to count, stay at the line if you have lost more than one, nobody moves, two, three, four, more than four, no one has moved.
   Then he asks us to stand up, but he starts off joking, he asks us to step up if we liked barney or spongebob, then it gets deeper, he asks us to stand up if we want to be a doctor, a few stand, a athlete some more stand. He goes through a list of professions and people stand as their dream is called.
   Everyone is now seated. He asks who wants to make a diffrence and influence somebodys life. The entire autitorium stands in a singular motion, including myself. Afterwords my science teacher said that that renewed his hope in people...i think it did mine too. Everyone is standing and everyone understands, we are all human, and we all want something more for each other. We sit.
   He is smiling from the stage but it quickly fades. Stand up he says if you are being raised by a single parent. Many stand up. He says now look around you these people are standing with you...they are going through the same thing. Stand up if one or more of your parents is an acholic, a third of the auditorium stands. Stand up if you have one or more parents addicted to drugs, half the autitorium stands. Then he asks stand if some one you know has died from violence, more stand. He says the same thing after each group stands, these are the people who are hurting with you.
   Then he asks the kids struggling with depression to stand. I stand. He says look around you these people understand. He says now remain standing if you have ever thought about suicide. Only a few sit, I remain standing. He says look around you these people know what you are going through. I look around me, people i know are standing around me, but what surprised me the most as i looked around, was that the kids standing up with me were not the ones dressed in all black, or the ones with there hair in their face, it wasnt the kids who were insecure. It was people you pass in the hall and you dont worry about them, because they look happy and normal. It was the kids that others strive to be like.
    Afterwords as I walked down the hall I saw one of the girls who stood in front of me, as we passed she just smiled faintly and then turned to her friend. She understood and i understood. Everyone is dealing with something, and as i walk down the hallway I can see the pain and the joy on every ones seemingly posed faces. I don't look at them like they don't understand anymore, I look at them like I don't understand...because there is so much more to everybody then what i thought.


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Aug. 26th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
this is amazing. i wish there was something like this at mccallum.
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